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Professional training to develop your business

NTT Solutions is a national training company that believes in offering a professional, friendly and reliable service to all participants wanting to gain a recognised qualification in their working environment. According to the LSC, training can help keep your business competitive. Whether you're mastering new technical developments in your sector, making the best use of IT, improving your customer service or boosting your internal efficiency, training keeps your skills up to date and makes sure you stay ahead of the competition. Supporting the UK government's aspirations to up-skill the UK workforce, NTT specialises in the delivery of a wide range of performance enhancing services for individuals and organisations. NTT concentrates on the development of skills required within organisations along with the delivery of legislative musts. NTT Solutions is a fresh and innovative provider of adult learning within the workplace, we are passionate about supporting employers and individuals to realise their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. We aim to develop and motivate the employer's workforce by ensuring a positive learning experience for all learners.

What makes us different from our competitors?

Quality - All our Instructors and Trainers are hand selected professionals who are experts in their field and experienced business practitioners, they all have the relevant industry experience and keep up to date with current business trends. All our Trainers and Instructors either hold or are working towards a recognised teaching qualification. Our commitment to quality means that you can be certain of a positive experience when you choose to study with NTT.

Choice - We offer training courses in many venues across the UK, or if you choose, we will deliver bespoke courses on your own premises. All our courses can be modified to suit your business needs.

Practical content - Each course has an emphasis throughout of practical application of skills and techniques. each course has it's own dedicated course manual, a copy of which is given to each delegate to take away and use as a reference tool.

NTT Solutions is on the official Learning & Skills Council register of Approved Learning Providers.
In 2007, 130,000 jobs remained unfilled because no suitable candidates were available. By training your existing staff you can be sure that you always have the right person for the job. (LSC, 2008)